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Bryanna Faith Buffone & Gary Andrew Payton — Minted

Bryanna Faith Buffone


Gary Andrew Payton

Bryanna Faith Buffone and Gary Andrew  Payton

We hope you can join us for a destination wedding in Kauai, Hawaii on

Our Story

During a time in the world, where literally no one knew what the was going on, we found each other. The time was July 2020, Bryanna came across Andrew and a swipe right started it all. While our story is a little unconventional it is ours and we’re thankful that we have been there for each other and found one another. 
In the middle of a pandemic we found each other and the rest is history. Just kidding, well kinda. On a Saturday night we hung out the first time with a group of people doing something that Andrew does best, Jeeping! But when the night was over after working on Jeeps, we were having really good conversation and just were not ready to stop hanging out.
To my surprise, we grab a drink and Andrew surprised me with taking me to a look out to watch the sunrise. And it was a beautiful one at that. Finishing our first date with breakfast and full of smiles.
Over the course of our relationship, we had our dogs, Kane and Cali. Sadly we lost Kane very suddenly, then we got Ripp, kind of in memory of Kane. Our roommate moved out for her own love story, we went on some trips, and obviously, had Baby Noah.
Which leads us to here today! While we always knew we wanted to get married to one another, we still wanted to wait. We understand not everyone is able to come celebrate with us, but please know that there is no obligation or any pressure to make the trip. While we wish everyone can, life happens and it sometimes just can’t happen. Plus, we have a lifetime to celebrate one another!

xo Bryanna & Andrew