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Bryanna Faith Buffone & Gary Andrew Payton — Minted

Bryanna Faith Buffone


Gary Andrew Payton

Wedding Party

Noah Payton

Ring Bearer

The real star of the show. The light of our lives! Noah will be a few days shy of 2 years old come Wedding Day! Noah loves Cars, the movie. Ms. Rachel is also a favorite of his. The sweetest boy and also the most chill. Let's hope he makes it down the aisle and doesn't need to be carried. Although he is 3ft tall and 30+ pounds, he is still just a baby. At least to Mama & Dada he is..

Amanda Williams

Matron of Honor

Amanda and I have known each other since the break of dawn, for our lives at least. We met in 2001 in 2nd grade in Mrs. Williams class. I think from the time we were doing homework in the front yard, I knew she was going to be my Maid of Honor. Obviously. Well, the day is finally, almost here and I couldn't imagine anyone else at my side having the title.

Charli Garni

Junior Bridesmaid

My niece, also known as babygirl to me. Seeing Charli grow up, makes me so proud, she has a few years left of High School but up next is getting her license. Filled with beauty, athletics and brains! I am so proud to be her Auntie and her taste in music! She has brought so many smiles to my face and while she might be to cool for her mom, I hope she is never to cool for me.

Lainie Olsen

Junior Bridesmaid

My niece, My Lainie Bug! Lainie is my other niece, the niece I never knew I needed. Came into the family and fit right in and I wouldn't have it any other way. Seeing Lainie as a baby and now being such a beautiful young lady, it has been a privilege. She will be newly graduated from High School and starting a new chapter in life. I can't wait to continue to support her and seeing all conquers in life!

Stephanie Garni


From Auntie to Sister, but Steph has always been my sister at heart. From us both singing terribly to Mariah Carey back in 1999 and going out in the late 2010's she has been here for it all. We may have picked on each other at times, but what sisters don't? The memories and laughs we have mean the world to me and so does having you on this upcoming day with me!